You may ask, “Why should i have a Boudoir session, what’s the big deal??”  I could name a thousand reasons why, such as… Do it for your husband.  Men are visual creatures and like visual stimulation.  I could also say you should be photographed  in a boudoir setting because you are beautiful, inside and out (no doubt you truly are).  I could also say, because it’s a fun experience and in my personal opinion, everyone should do it.  While these things are all true, what I really want you to know about boudoir photography is that you are worthy.  You deserve to be pampered, to look and feel as sexy and beautiful as you really are.  Next time you look in the mirror, I hope you’ll remember that.  Its your turn to shine.  Please contact me to schedule you Boudoir session so that I can capture your Shine!  Here are a few photos of the gorgeous Ms. M.  Find more in my portfolio album here:

IMG_5693bw   IMG_5780vg


Now that you are thinking about having a Boudoir session, here are some things to consider bringing…

Clothes:  I have a few things to choose from, but my wardrobe does not have a wide range of sizes.  Bring some article of clothing to help personalize your session.   Maybe your husbands favorite color is blue, so you may want to bring some blue to wear.  Bring your own panties…we do not reuse panties here!  Boxer shorts, robes, His favorite sports jersey or t-shirt or His work shirt.  Less is not always best…wear more clothes or less, its your decision…we all have a different perception of Sexy when it comes to clothing.

Shoes:  Again, I have a few pair of shoes, but not a vast variety of sizes.  Bring your favorite pair of heels, sexy heels, his favorite pair of heels, or if you are not a heel wearer, maybe your favorite pair of shoes or boots.  Some shots will have shoes and some will not.

Jewelry:  Bring some jewelry that will stand out in photos.  Big, sparkly, brilliant colored.  Costume jewelry is great for this!  Bring your wedding/engagement rings too!

Makeup:  Make sure to bring some things for touch up such as lipstick and hair spray.  I do recommend having your makeup professionally applied before your boudoir session.  Let me know if you need a recommendation of where to go for this.

Above are just a few tips as to what you can bring.  Here are some photos of what I have available for you to use.