First comes Love, then comes Marriage. . .

We all know this old traditional rhyme and girls will dream of their wedding day until it arrives.  This summer, my husband and I had the pleasure of photographing a dear friends wedding in Germany!  Sandra and Daniel’s wedding was rich with tradition but still held many of the contemporary qualities today’s modern bride desires.  Daniel and Sandra were wed at Burg Wernberg in Wernberg-Koblitz, what Americans would consider a castle!!  I have photographed a few other weddings, one in a court house, another in a castle and one in a church.  Every wedding is different but i think i will always hold this one a bit closer to my heart because it was our friends’.


The sunny Bavarian countryside was beautiful on June 3rd.  Sandra’s father George walked her into the castle courtyard to meet Daniel, where he was waiting for her with her bouquet of pink and white lilies and pink peonies.  From the courtyard the bride and groom walked up stairs to the marriage room followed by their guests.

IMG_3723  DSC07382  DSC07481  IMG_3767

Following the ceremony there were congratulations and well wishes to give, as well as drinks and cake to have.  Guests wrote well wishes for the couple on note cards that were later attached to helium balloons and released on the bridge to the castle.

IMG_4103    IMG_4111    IMG_4043

Dinner and more fun was had at Zoiglstube Reiserbesen.  In the casual atmosphere, games were played and friends and family talked, laughed and enjoyed the evening.  The photo booth and “baby Daniel” (Daniel was dressed as a baby and Sandra’s arms were his…the couple must work together to take care of the baby) were my favorite things of the evening.

IMG_4605  IMG_4619  IMG_4634

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