So,  It’s been a while since my last blog post.  Life has had some crazy curves lately, but we are traveling along just fine!  One thing in particular I wanted to share with you is my opportunity to do some urban exploration.  Its been a while since I went, but I wanted to share.  Our cities hold much history, and I think it is intriguing to not only learn about them, but to see them.  This photos are from only one building and yes, I had permission to be there…which I highly recommend you obtain if you are going to do any urban exploration.  With our further ado, here are the photos.  


IMG_8408     IMG_8479     IMG_8481     IMG_8484     IMG_8485     IMG_8489     IMG_8500     IMG_8533     IMG_8534

IMG_8542     IMG_8547     IMG_8477     IMG_8476     IMG_8412     IMG_8412blue     IMG_8413     IMG_8426     IMG_8429

IMG_8435     IMG_8445     IMG_8447     IMG_8461     IMG_8462     IMG_8471     IMG_8552